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4 cases of either 12 or 24 – 1 lb. Fowler’s Mill brand cloth bags.
4 cases of either 12 or 24 – 1 lb. Fowler’s Mill brand paper bags.
4 cases of 24 – 1 lb. Private labeled paper bags.
One-pound cloth or paper bagged baking mixes cost only $3.40 per bag.
$40.80 per case of 12 (Shipping weight: 14 lbs. per case)
$81.60 per case of 24 (Shipping weight: 27 lbs. per case)

Shelf Life of our Baking Mixes:

If stored in a clean, cool (less than 75F) dry room, Fowler’s Mill products will keep in salable condition for up to 18-24 months. At warmer temperatures the shelf life decreases. We recommend that stores buy quantities that they can sell in about two or three months, reorder as needed, and rotate stock. Product should be merchandised at room temperature. We do not suggest that stores merchandise our products in a refrigerator because they can get wet from condensation and are less visible there. We do advise consumers to put the products in their refrigerator or freezer when they get them home to preserve flavor and nutrition.


2%, 10 days, net 30 with approved credit. We also accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express cards.

Quantity Discounts:

The following quantity discounts can be taken for any assortment of cases of private labeled paper bag products,
Fowler’s Milling Company paper bag products and Fowler’s Milling Company cloth bag products:
2% off on 360 or more bags if paid within 30 days.
3% off on 600 or more bags if paid within 30 days.
5% off on 1,200 or more bags if paid within 30 days.

To realize the above discounts, we must receive your payment within 30 days of shipping. After 30 days, these discounts will be forfeited and a 1.5% per month late charge will be applied to past due balances. Discounts are based on quantities per individual shipment.


FOB The Fowler’s Milling Company, Chardon, OH. All shipping charges will be added to your invoice. UPS charges higher shipping rates to residences. Please let us know if your address is a residence or a separate commercial location. Motor freight is used when appropriate for lowest cost.

Price Stability:

Our prices were calculated on the basis of current manufacturing costs. Our prices may change if manufacturing costs change significantly.

Fowler’s Milling Company
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1-800-321-2024 outside Chardon
440-286-2024 in Chardon area
FAX: 440-286-4076


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