Case Lots: All 27 one pound Fowler’s Mill logo mixes are packed in cases of 12 and 24.

Shipping & Handling: Orders are shipped via UPS or Motor Freight. FOB Fowler’s Milling Company, Chardon, Ohio.

Damages & Shortages: Must be reported within five days of receipt.

Tasting Samples: Two one pound samples of mix for baking are provided upon request with a ten case order. More samples can be purchased at the individual bag price of $3.40 each.

Bulk Quantities For In Store Baking And Special Events: See the Commercial Price List section.

Shelf Life & Storage: Fowler’s Mill mixes are shelf stable up to 24 months. Store mixes in a clean, cool, dry location less than 80 degrees is best. Mixes can tolerate up to 90 degrees for a few weeks. To prevent mold and condensation, do not store mixes in refrigerator units. It is recommended that consumers refrigerate or freeze the mixes at home if not used for several weeks. This prolongs the nutritional value of the flour and grains.

Pricing: We are pleased to again hold our unit price to $3.40. All prices can be subject to change without notice.

Other Information: Please contact us regarding other custom programs for food service, fundraising, custom recipes, labels and co-packing.


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