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Sample Gift Box and Gift Basket

Samples of Gift Boxes and Gift Baskets that are available for individuals, corporations, promotions, conventions, or special events.

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   Here at the Fowlers Mill, we produce fine Food Gift Baskets containing Traditional Fowler's Mill Baking Mixes and high quality Jellies, Jams, Maple Syrup and Fruit Syrups.

   You can select one of our standard gift baskets, bowls, and boxes, or you may choose from a wide assortment of other food products to create your own custom gifts.

   We use Traditional American-Made farm baskets for our gift baskets.  Our baskets are available in Red, Green, or Natural Wood colors.  We fill each gift basket with high quality food items, placed in a bed of clean wood excelsior.  We then shrink-wrap each gift basket and attach a festive bow in your choice of color.

   Our Gift Bowls are created in the same way as our gift baskets.  We use Traditional American-Made Bowls, which are available in several different colors, styles and patterns.

   Fowlers Mill Gift Boxes contain an assortment of either 4 Fowlers Mill Traditional American Baking Mixes, or 3 Baking Mixes and a Pint of Pure Maple Syrup.  The Gift Box itself is an attractively printed Kraft gift box with an embossed Fowlers Mill graphic on the lid.

   Whether you choose a Gift Basket, Gift Bowl or Gift Box, the Fowlers Milling Company provides you with a high quality gift, that you can be proud to give.

   These gifts as well as many other Specialty foods are available in our Online Shopping section.

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