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Policies & General Information


Case Lots: All 27 one pound Fowler’s Mill logo mixes are packed in cases of 12 and 24.

All 27 one pound private label mixes are packed in cases of 24 only. See Private Label Program section for more about Private Labeling.

Packaging & Shelf Life: All 27 mixes are offered in one pound Fowler’s Mill logo kraft bags and Private Label Program (your logo) kraft bags. Six mixes are also available in our vintage one pound Fowler’s Mill cloth bag. All mixes are contained in a separate and sealed poly liner within the kraft paper bag or cloth bag to maintain freshness up to 24 months.

Package Design: Artistic design and graphic imagery have been a hallmark feature of Fowler’s Milling Company’s high quality milled flours, cornmeal and baking mixes for over 30 years. The mixes have brand recognition among consumers, farm markets and specialty retailers throughout the United States.

New This Year: In July 2018, a new package design is replacing the previous paper bag. It is specifically designed with vibrant colorful fruit

and baking images that whet the appetite to buy, bake, and eat these delicious heritage baking mixes with your orchard fruits.

Merchandising Support: The new 2018 bag design will visually lure your customers from an aisle away to the display of your fresh orchard fruits and the companion Fowler’s Mill baking mixes when presented together for full cross merchandising impact.

In February 2018, Fowler’s Milling Company owner Billie Erickson announced a new business division of Fowler’s Milling Company, Farm Market Design, a design and merchandising service division offering store design, merchandising and branding support. Call Billie directly for more information: 440-477-7004.

Minimum Order: Initial orders for a new seasonal year have a ten case minimum, no split cases. Reorders have a minimum of four cases.

Save when you pay in ten days. With approved credit:

2% 10 days, Net 30.

Quantity Discounts:

2% discount at 15 cases.

3% discount at 25 cases.

5% discount at 50 cases.

Discounts apply only when paid in 30 days. Orders of more than 50 cases are quoted with individualized terms and discount structures. All first orders are prepaid.

Payments: Credit card payment or prepaid check is required for initial orders until approved credit is established. A credit application is included in your first shipment and available on request. Returned checks will incur a $25.00 charge. Overdue balances must be paid prior to shipping orders.

Customer Service: Orders can be placed Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm by calling 1-800-321-2024. You can fax, email or order on the website anytime that is convenient for you. These orders are confirmed with you the next business day.

Pre-Order Planning: To facilitate the printing of high quality labels at high volumes, off premise printing is required. This increases the lead times for orders from one week to three weeks. For this reason we now have customer service personnel who assist you by phone and/or email to review your previous years orders and help schedule your orders for the season in advance to bundle orders for larger printing runs. Volume discounts can also be considered when pre-planning.

Shipping & Handling: Orders are shipped via UPS or Motor Freight. FOB Fowler’s Milling Company, Chardon, Ohio.

Damages & Shortages: Must be reported within five days of receipt.

Tasting Samples: Two one pound samples of mix for baking are provided upon request with a ten case order. More samples can be purchased at the individual bag price of $3.40 each.

Bulk Quantities For In Store Baking And Special Events: See the Commercial Price List section.

Shelf Life & Storage: Fowler’s Mill mixes are shelf stable up to 24 months. Store mixes in a clean, cool, dry location less than 80 degrees is best. Mixes can tolerate up to 90 degrees for a few weeks. To prevent mold and condensation, do not store mixes in refrigerator units. It is recommended that consumers refrigerate or freeze the mixes at home if not used for several weeks. This prolongs the nutritional value of the flour and grains.

Pricing: We are pleased to again hold our unit price to $3.40. All prices can be subject to change without notice.

Other Information: Please contact us regarding other custom programs for food service, fundraising, custom recipes, labels and co-packing.



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